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Companies Represented

Institut de Biotechnologie J. Boy

The Institut de Biotechnologies Jacques Boy is the international leader for monitoring Fetal-free DNA in pregnancy, with a Real-Time molecular biology kit.



SenseAnywhere is the international manufacturer and supplier of the best solutions for the automatic measurement and monitoring of temperature and humidity of all working environments as well as for the storage or transport of temperature sensitive products in the range from -200 to +200 degrees. Temperature and humidity monitoring systems are used in both hospitals and industries, including food, pharmaceutical and logistics, around the world. WiFi dataloggers have the advantage of a 10-year battery life with very low maintenance. The proposed systems are extremely easy to use, the data loggers are durable and the measurements extremely accurate. Data storage takes place securely in a certified Cloud environment. And last but not least, it is the most competitively priced supplier on the market. How is it possible? Working with the smartest technology. SenseAnywhere - simply smarter. Easy, excellent and cheap.



At BioMedomics, we use cutting-edge technology to create life saving diagnostic solutions and address global healthcare needs. BioMedomics is an ISO 13485 certified company.