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Diagast - Manual test


ABD PAD: 3 steps manual blood grouping in 30 seconds

ABD PAD® by diagast is an innovative ivdmd (in vitro diagnostic medical device) for manual abo/rhd blood group confirmation of donors and recipients. it needs only 3 steps to perform a blood group test within 30 seconds in a safe and standardized way.

it is a ready-to-use pad based on the latest technology M-TRAP® patented by diagast, a breakthrough in manual blood grouping.

ABD PAD ® products use the M-TRAP® technology which is based on the immobilization of antibodies covalently bounded to a porous membrane. only the red blood cells having the corresponding antigen are fixed into the membrane revealing immediately the reaction.

Manual range

Reach high performance with quality reagents

You perform your tests with products that meet regulatory requirements. Our entire range complies with the standards required by the CE marking (Directive 98/79/EC). The DIAGAST ranges are also registered in many countries outside Europe.

Each production batch is controlled in comparison with a reference batch to ensure consistent quality and released only after approval by G-Med, our Notified Body.

Reach high performance with reagents adapted to your needs

Discover a range of unique and efficient reagents thanks to a formulation of our clones to your particular needs, among others:

Anti-D TOTEM, association of 4 DIAGAST clones designed to give you a high quality of results, in manual technique, using only one blood sample

Anti-AB , association of 2 DIAGAST clones designed to detect all weak A groups including Ax

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